Low (but rising) interest rates will help buyers.  Low supply of homes for sale will push pricing up

Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to a Spring Seller’s market.  Our local market is getting ready for a perfect storm of Real Estate sales.  With lower than ever inventory and a record number of buyers looking for homes, home prices are expected to gain strength this Spring and Summer. 

The Brunner Burkhart Group represents both sellers and buyers, both of whom need to tailor their decisions based on this market.  We have compiled buyer and seller Spring 2018 guides for all to review.  Although the market will be GREAT for both buyers and sellers there are a few things to consider when looking to buy or sell in our market. 

Buyer’s guide

Seller’s guide

In our market price/square foot ranges from around $100/ft to $175/ft.  Keep in mind, these #’s are based on current sales where appraisers are stuck using data that may be up to 6 months old.  Whether buying or selling, appraisals are something to consider in order to avoid last minute issues.

Check out this home that just shattered the national price/square foot numbers.

This non descript rancher in Silicon Valley just sold for $2,358 per square foot

We are always available to help you evaluate your move.  It’s always best to begin the buying/selling process sooner rather than later

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