Recent rumors have been spreading that the costs of buying a home have hiked substantially. As a result, some people now believe that it is not a prudent idea to buy a home right now. If your friends and family are suggesting that purchasing a home right now makes no sense in terms of saving money, they are very wrong!

Buying A Home is More Affordable than Ever

Recent research indicates that homes are even more affordable now than almost any other period in the history of our country. According to the Black Knight Mortgage Monitor report, the percentage income required to buy a medium-priced home right now is considerably less than all preceding time periods.

The Black Knight Mortgage Monitor report also further shows that the affordability of purchasing a home right now is better that it was during the late 1990s. The research applies to 47 out of 50 US states.

The bottom line is that your family and friends could be hoping to help you save money. But, when it comes to selling your current home to buy another home or just buying your first home, seeking consultation from a professional real estate expert is very important. Friends and family could very well be wrong! So, consider buying your home today!

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